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Joomla & Wordpress Templates: Which to Choose?

WordPress is undoubtedly an easy to build web development kit with a lot of colorful templates that can even be used by a beginner, but that’s precisely where its advantages is beautiful. If you are looking to build a website that has lot of functionalities like E-Commerce, unfortunately WordPress would not be an ideal choice.This is because the integration and the embedding of shopping cart functionalities can be very cumbersome and tasking in a WordPress theme. Another major issue with WordPress is that when you make effort to upgrade the functionalities or if you are trying to make further modifications it tends to get riddled with bugs. This is so true because even the WordPress community seems to complain about the same thing.

However, on the other hand, Joomla for us, seems to costs too much money and time in the end, even with experience, in comparison with WordPress. Many people love Joomla when they spend time in it and WordPress too. If your aim is to build a big document, then Joomla can be preferable.

Also, Joomla has many fantastic templates, but WordPress site development is just so much simpler for most people to get to grips with. Joomla and WordPress both are good and better open source CMS. Many people think that WordPress can be used only for blogging, but that’s not true, you can easily configure it for other work. In addition, WordPress is very easy to get up and running on the web server. Anyone with programming or coding knowledge can also build the website without any difficulties. Joomla themes on other hand are a great fun for designers. The choice of these website solely depends on the website purpose and knowledge of web development and design.

Joomla can also be used with a great ease by any user with basic knowledge. It equally enables users to easily add new page and also modify existing page using the built in editor support. Joomla also support multiple user authentications. What this means is that so many users can log on to the same website at the same time.

The developers of Joomla will vouch for it as it is one of the best content Management systems especially in terms of scalability. Once you foray into Joomla web development you will understand and appreciate the fact that any functionality can be brought to life with all the customizations that Joomla CMS provides to the developer. Shopping cart and payment gateway embedment are the hallmarks of Joomla Development.

With Joomla, developers can create a wide range of web applications. They however include:

  • Small business websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Portals
  • E-Magazines and e-newspapers
  • Forums
  • Real Estate Websites
  • E-commerce applications
  • Hotel and Tourism websites
  • Joomla Templates Development
  • Online government applications
  • Joomla Extensions Development
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • And a whole number of other web applications

Joomla also proves to offer large capacity for customization and development which makes it a very popular CMS system.

Finally, some folks might claim Joomla isn’t as good as WordPress when it comes to SEO, but that's not true. One can achieve the same results with Joomla as long as you have got a good template to support your site mission. Google does not favor a WordPress site ahead of a Joomla-created one, because it just would not make any sense. So in my personal opinion, I would rather say, pick the one you are most comfortable with. And if you don't have any prior experience. Then go for WordPress, and save yourself all that stress!


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