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Colorful Templates is a ambitious and rapidly expanding company.
It's composed by a young team of designers and programmers falling in love with web and the latest trends in visual communication.



If you experiment any trouble during installation process, we can help you! We will make a new installation (with sample data) on your server for every template you puchased here. Please ask through contact form here.


How to install a template for WordPress

Installing WordPress Themes

  1. Access your Web server using an FTP client or Web server administration tools.
  2. Create a folder for your specific theme under "wp-content/themes" folder within WordPress installation.
    For example: <WordPressFolder>\wp-content\themes\<YourThemeName>
  3. Copy or upload theme files purchased from ColorfulTemplates into the newly created <YourThemeName> folder.
  4. Log in to your WordPress administration panel and select Appearance -> Themes.
  5. In the 'Available Themes' section find your theme title and screenshot, then click the 'Activate' link to activate it.

For more information please refer to the official WordPress documentation:

If you use latter versions of WordPress (2.8-3.4),there is an alternative way for installing new themes. In the versions 2.8 and 2.9 you can install a theme by taking the path Appearance -> Add New Themes from your administration panel, and if you have WordPress 3.0-3.4 - by selecting the new tab "Install Themes" at Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes

To install a WordPress theme, please follow the steps below:

  1. Export your WordPress theme from ColorfulTemplates as a zip file;
  2. Log in to your WordPress administration panel and select Appearance -> Themes;
  3. Switch to the "Install Themes" tab (in WP 3.0-3.4) or select "Add New Themes" (in WP 2.8, 2.9);
  4. Use the Upload link in the top menu to upload and install a zipped copy of a theme from ColorfulTemplates.


w1-1-installing the theme

After the activation you will see the following message: 

w1-2-importing content

VERY IMPORTANT: To make sure that your template looks identical to how it appears on ColorfulTemplates, it is absolutely imperative that you enable "Include Content".

On the other hand "Include Content" might delete your old content, so make sure you have made ​​a backup.

To install sample content as seen on ColorfulTemplates please do the following:

  • Click the "Add Content" button if you import content for the first time.
  • Click the "Replace Imported Content" button if you have re-exported the theme from ColorfulTemplates (e.g., with the edited articles).


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On Colorful Templates I found awesome themes with an original, never-before-seen around, look and feel, and with an affordable price. Many compliments for your works, keep them live!

~ Jason K. Mayes